English Task about Conversation

             On Monday, 31st July 2017 I met my friend named Rafi. He is one of the new students in my class. He is my friend in LIA. He started the conversation. 
    Rafi       : Hallo! what's your name?
    Novi      : Hi! my name is Novi.
    Rafi       : Where do you go to school?
    Novi      : I go to Three Senior High School, how about you?
    Rafi       : I study at Five Senior High School. It means you are my neighbor, right?
    Novi      : Yeah, you're right.
    Rafi       : Nice to meet you Novi. I wish we could become good friends.
    Novi      : Nice to meet you too. Yes, we must be good friends.
    Rafi       : Ok! see you tomorrow at Bazzar!
    Novi      : See you...

Hallo! This is Me

This is Me
Hallo! This is my first time I have a blog. My name is Novianty Kusumawardani, you can call me Novi. I was born in Bandung, 3rd of May 2002. So, you can guest how old I am now. I have three siblings, two sisters and one brother. I live at Villa Asri street number B16 Bandung.

Now, I'am study at Three Senior High School Bandung. My hobby is listening to the music, is it interesting right? you can listen your favorite song all the time but remember don't waste your time for useless things. My favorite food is fruits. My favorite colors are black, white, pink and tosca.

The one most meaningful person in my life is my mom, why her? because with her I can live now, she's the one who never stop giving me advice, she's the one who always take care and keep me, she's the one who always worried when I go home tonight and of course my father too, but you know that  mother is more meaningful than father. So, I love my mother more.

I have many friends, I like to st…